Friday, February 29, 2008

My Favorite Writer Sujatha is No More..

My favorite Tamil writer Sujatha is no more.. but his writings will always be..

I have followed Sujatha for over 2 decades and have been fortunate enough to meet him twice (1 2). Each time, I left the wondering how come this guy knows so much stuff..? I wouldn't get another opportunity to meet him as my favorite writer Sujatha he is no more..!!

It was his versatility that first attracted me to him. I still vividly remember his கரையெல்லாம் சென்பகப்பூ (Kariyellam Sengabbpu) in Ananda Vikatan where he mixed science and rustic village background in to a Tamil thirller that I got hooked.

I also remember his கறுப்பு வெளுப்பு சிவப்பு in Kumudam which created a huge backlash from vanniyar community forcing the magazine to abandon the story. But it did reappear later as ரத்தம் ஒரே நிறம் (Rathham Oree Niram) in the same magazine somewhat diluted in its vigor but nevertheless gripping enough.

My Favorite Writer - Sujatha
Yes, my favorite Tamil writer Sujatha is no more.. but I will be reading his writings for long time to come and he will always be my favorite Tamil writer.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time and may god give them the strength to tide over this loss.


  1. Sad about news! Nice writer, and did visit our college at Coimbatore in 1988, to give a lecture for Tamil Mandram, wonderful memories. That was the year, Dr.Kalam had visited us too!

    I had interacted with him over email on Sivaji story, outlines etc. He was so angry with those, 10,000 rs salary Income Tax (IT) wallahs driving Lancers... (I have a school colleague, who is an honest IT office at Chennai, even managed to invite Sujatha for a lecture there).

    Met him many times on the beach side, near Gandhi statue. He even wrote a story in Kumudam on an IT guy catching a tax evader, which was sort of one liner for Sivaji.

    Even now, I gave him the name Iyanthira for the Robot movie, Shankar is making... not sure whether it would come!

    May his soul rest in peace!


  2. Ram,
    About sujatha photo in dinamalar,I don't think so..u can check the dinamalar.....

    About Sujatha, I am also reguar reader of sujatha and fall in love with columns about science and day to day life " katrathum petrathum" in anatha vikatan..specially about the age...when turned 70 he has written a very great article about his life.. how his writting taken him to places.... he was a amazing writter and tamil world will never forget him...

    i am a unfortunate reader of sujatha never meet him...;(

  3. Hi Ram,
    I was pleasantly surprised to hit upon your 'other facet' (outside IBM, GBSC ;-) in the form of this blog-site. I was googling for 'writer sujatha' yesterday, when I got your site in the first page of results. It led to your 2005 meeting with him, since you had not entered this news.
    I had been in touch with this versatile writer, thro' Saturday Chats on Ambalam online magazine between 11.30 AM to 1.00 PM. I would have loved to meet him though. His Style of writing is one of 'tamilized' english style neverthless it is crisp,without exaggeration and with a sense of humor. I still remember his funny story "Kudhirai' that appeared in Kalaimagal, about a person who got bitten by a horse - hilarious!
    It is difficult to find one more writer who covered such a range of subjects!

  4. Did he do any essays/stories etc in English?

    Please point me to a link if so.

  5. Ram,

    The first I heard about his news I thought about you and Narayanan Venkitu. Yes.. Sujatha was my favourite too and who can ever forget "Karaiyellam Senbagapoo". Every Friday we used to wait for Ananda Vikatan just for the story and wished he wrote the entire stoy in a go. Definitely, it is a great loss for the Tamil literature.

  6. he was a rare combination of so many faculties in one,tech aand tamil prose...he is the only person brought science to tamil readers..
    great loss