Friday, February 29, 2008

My Favorite Writer Sujatha is No More..

My favorite Tamil writer Sujatha is no more.. but his writings will always be..

I have followed Sujatha for over 2 decades and have been fortunate enough to meet him twice (1 2). Each time, I left the wondering how come this guy knows so much stuff..? I wouldn't get another opportunity to meet him as my favorite writer Sujatha he is no more..!!

It was his versatility that first attracted me to him. I still vividly remember his கரையெல்லாம் சென்பகப்பூ (Kariyellam Sengabbpu) in Ananda Vikatan where he mixed science and rustic village background in to a Tamil thirller that I got hooked.

I also remember his கறுப்பு வெளுப்பு சிவப்பு in Kumudam which created a huge backlash from vanniyar community forcing the magazine to abandon the story. But it did reappear later as ரத்தம் ஒரே நிறம் (Rathham Oree Niram) in the same magazine somewhat diluted in its vigor but nevertheless gripping enough.

My Favorite Writer - Sujatha
Yes, my favorite Tamil writer Sujatha is no more.. but I will be reading his writings for long time to come and he will always be my favorite Tamil writer.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time and may god give them the strength to tide over this loss.