Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chennai Music Season 2007 - 08 - Report # 3

Chennai Sangamam
This is a new kid on the block. Mrs. Kanimozhi and Father Gasper Raj of Tamil Maiyyam started this last year and it seems to have come a long way in just one year. Chennai Sangamam showcases the vibrant music & dances of the soil in many parks across Chennai during Pongal week.

I got a glimpse of it on Jan 15th in Nageswara Rao Park and here is illustrated report of that day in the Park.

Roadside Pillayar koyil decked up in all kinds of fruits
Came across this interesting decoration while heading to Nageswara Rao Park. A small roadside Pillayar temple decked up with all kinds of fruits.

Chennai Sangamam - Paraiyattam in progress..
Paraiyattam - It was a repetitive fast beat with tempo building up slowly..

Guess who? walking in for the next concert at Chennai Sangamam
Guess Who? - Her concert was next

Chennai Sangamam - Sudha Raghunathan
You are right.. if guessed Sudha Raghunathan. It was quite a contrast to to see her perform right after the paraiyattam. But then both of them equally represents 'Tamil Culture'.

Equal crowd at eatery stalls at Chennai Sangamam..
Chennai Music Season is equally popular for the 'canteen' and Chennai Sangamam was no exception. Chefs from Five star hotels around Chennai were romped in to put up open air stalls. At times, it looked as though there was more crowd here than at the open air auditorium.

A short clip of Paraiyattam

A short clip of Sudha's concert

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