Saturday, January 05, 2008

ECR Run # 5

Chennai Runners will be doing their 5 ECR Run tomorrow and the first one for this year. What a great way to start. Here are some details on the run. If you are still interested.. you are welcome to join us tomorrow.. help us reach the goal of 50 runners..

Run Details

ECR Run Details
Date - Jan 06 , 08
Assemble by - 05:00 AM @ MGM Dizee World
Start Time - 05:15 AM (Sharp) - from MGM Resort Parking Lot

Car Pool - from Dimensions
- We will have about 3 - 4 cars from this spot, so if you are looking to car pool, pl. assemble by 4:00 AM. We will leave by 4:15 AM (Sharp) to the starting point.

Alternately, you come directly to the starting point...
Assemble by: MGM Dizee World Resort parking lot (past the toll booth)
Time: by 5:00 AM
Run Start Time - 5:15 AM from MGM Resort parking lot

Parking: MGM Resorts parking lot

Starting point: MGM Resorts - Parking Lot

Starting Time: 5:15 AM (This will give time for runners to do some stretch and get ready)

Distance: Flexible, 10, 20 or 30 kms with turn around points @ 5, 10, 15 kms respectively.

Route: South on ECR for 15 kms and turn around (Exact turn around point to be notified on the day of run)

Finish Line: MGM Resorts (Starting point)

Entry Fee: INR 250. This is to defray the cost of water, snack, first aid and fuel cost and breakfast.

Registration: We have about 15 registrations now.. We have about 320 in our group and it would be nice to see at least 20% of them running.. Can we shoot for that?

Volunteers: We need volunteers to help with Water and generally provide first aid cover. I request some of our members who are NOT running to pitch in and help the runners. Join us tomorrow as a volunteer and feel the thrill....

Change Clothes: Carry change clothes with you as you will need it after the run. Also, if you want to take dip in the sea you might need change clothes.
Emergency Information: Pl. do not forget to carry emergency information with you all the time (Name, Age, Blood Group, Emergency Contact Information, Known Allergies)
Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer to help with the run, pl. contact Shahid / Vidyuth.
Mile Markers -

5K - Kelambakkam Junction
10K - Crocodile Bank
15K - Dolphin City. These mile markers are to be used for respective turn arounds for 10, 20 & 30 K runs.

Safety First: Please note that we do not have any safety net in terms of ambulance & insurance etc.. All of us running at our own volition and it is important to adhere to safety norms at all occasions.

  1. CARRY emergency information with you all the time
  2. ALWAYS run on 'right side of the Road' facing the traffic. In doubt, slow down, let the traffic pass.
  3. BUDDY up with a runner amenable with your pace and stick with them through out the run
  4. DO NOT run abreast. Run in a single file or max TWO at any given time.
  5. YIELD to traffic - Chennai traffic is unrelenting and does not stop for runners or pedestrians... So, yield to traffic.
  6. DO NOT run if you are not medically fit. You and your physician are the only folks who can counsel you on that. Consult your doctor and listen to your body before embarking on the run.
  7. STOP running and seek medical help if you feel uncomfortable at anytime during the run.

(List as of today. We are still 13 short of our goal.. can you help us get there)
  1. Ram Viswanthan
  2. Tiger Swamy
  3. Narayanan Muthuswamy
  4. Karthikeyan Vijayakumar (KK)
  5. Harishankar
  6. CP Suresh
  7. RRC
  8. Vigneshwaran Chandran
  9. Shahid Kandrikar
  10. Vidyuth Sreenivasan
  11. Mohankumar
  12. Bhargav
  13. RV Ramani
  14. Vijaykumar Muthian
  15. Raghavan Raghavacharya
  16. Senthil Kumar
  17. Ajendra Samal
  18. Sundar Ramachandran
  19. Ravi Kumar
  20. SriVatsan
  21. Mahesh
  22. Anjana
  23. S Rajesh
  24. Sivaram Kannan
  25. Rajasekhar Kuppa
  26. Abhijit Shome
  27. Ramani Nephew 1
  28. Ramani Nephew 2
  29. Ram Kumar
  30. Sivaraman Ramasubbu
  31. Venkatesh
  32. Ramesh (MRC Nagar)
  33. Sandy
  34. Sandy Cousin
  35. Aparna Deeps
  36. S Balaji
  37. Supratik Ghosh
Run for any reason.. but do..


  1. Hi
    This is srini
    although i am interested in this motivated running phenomenon, pity that me being 200 kms away here in cuddalore, the time and far away distance is restricting me to join this spirited group...

    for the past some time i ve been following this ECR run thru photos in some of the blogs including urs

    often the photos taken at the start point will be dark and not clearly visible
    could i chip in one idea
    a car (probably used by volunteers) be parked at the start point in the direction opposite to the runners,
    the glowing head lights of the car be used for photography at the start line.

  2. Run Ram Run!
    Run ECR Run!
    (Read it with Forest Gump in Mind)

    Cheers & Good Run!

    Vijay (Can't join as I am in Bangalore now!)

  3. sad tht i couldn join u..hav a gr8 run....hope u reach ur goal..hope u hav enough volunteers to help u...good luck..