Monday, September 17, 2007

Kathipara Impact

Chennaites are painfully aware of the construction happening at the southern gateway to the city. A flyover is coming up near Kathipara junction just north of the Airport and that is causing quite an havoc.

It's a fairly common site to see traffic piled up in all directions at Kathipara, regardless of time of day and I am used to that by now. But, what I experienced last Friday has brought in a new dimension to the Kathipara construction and its impact on supply chain of the rental car business.

The three rental companies are generally brimming with cars and usually actively solicit clientèle. But last friday, none of them had any cars available. Reason: You guessed it right.. Most of their cars are stuck somewhere due to Kathipara construction.

Even at 10:30 PM in the night, I had to wait for over half an hour to get a car and another hour and a half stuck in the traffic.

Generally jungle law prevails in the Chennai Roads and in places like Kathipara it is far worse. Everyone is tired, grumpy and would go over anything to get to their destination. Compounding the lack of discipline is the lack of governance. The entire construction site was pitch dark and no one seemed to be regulating the traffic. There was an ambulance stuck ahead of us in the traffic with its sirens blaring. But no one seemed to care or could make room for the ambulance to pass.

I am not sure if there is any remedy. The only remedy is to have the flyover construction is completed ASAP. Do you know when the flyover construction would be completed? Is it Dec 07 or Dec 08?


  1. Yeah, it's painful.

    I hope they finish it fast. While I was in Chennai I remember one day there was a major Traffic Jam at Kathipara. I couldn't get a taxi to go to Anna Nagar.

    Wonder what will happen to people who have to go on emergency?


  2. Hi Ram,
    I am very curious of the Kathipara junction as i used to live near there.. can you please post some pics of that place?

    Charlotte, NC

  3. You might want to look up RTI (Right to Information Act) online on Google. This allows any citizen to ask questions and the government is held answerable.

  4. i beleive its a one year delay, making the deadline march 08

  5. Ram,

    Kathipara is only one case.

    I work for a software company in Haddows road and live in Madipakkam.Travell by car take 1hr15 min & by bike 50 min.

    Most of the time the road is choked from haddows road to Gemini flyover. Another stretch were the traffic jam occures is between Little mount to Halda junction.This is the route i travell everyday.

    To avoid this i started to go to my branch office in karapakkam. Which is 10KM from madipakkam.This should ideally take me only 10min, but the worst part is the road between Palavaram and thoriapakkam were 4 small bridge is been built for almost 3yrs.I believe in this duration we could have built and launched another nuclear headed missile.

    Ram dont be astonished by this one incident,i face this almost everyday.

    Thanks to the organization i work for, the new initiative is work@home. This initative has gone live today.That's why i'm at home @ this time.


    Wonder what'll be the state of affairs at Kathipara during the monsoon. Long delays!!! Wonder, when it'll finally get completed. Wish the concerned authorities took matters a little more serious enough to expedite the project!

  7. Whether its rain or shine... Our PWD is always on its own pace in completing the projects... You can see Mr. Baalu once in 3 months inspecting the site at Kathipara... along with press guys.. donno what he tries to prove.

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  9. Hi patrick i do not know how long before you lived here. Kathipara is now becoming a hot place and cost of land there is now more than 10 times from yr2000.
    It is now apr08, still to open the kathipara jn.
    Bullshit politicians has time only for filling their pocket and family's gajana.
    We also have no guts to raise voice against these politicians or even the govt. officials. shame on us.. !

  10. hi people here
    i think u will be interested 2 c these photos of kathipara & few bridges coming up here in chennai