Friday, August 03, 2007

Taking Business Meetings to a new level

I have participated / presented in various forums, venues and format but where I presented yesterday gave me a totally different perspective on business meetings and the sol called Y generation. I talked about Technical Vitality in a bar where my pitch was projected on to various small TV monitors across the hall. Audience with a drink in hand were scattered across the dimly lit dancing floor. After the regular talks, there was loud music and dancing. I now understand that the meeting was just a ruse to go out and party and my pitch was needed to make it official…

The organizers tell me that this is the IN thing these days. They also say that it helps break the ice and is a critical part of team building activity. I must have been hiding in caves for a while, as I am totally oblivious to this development. Or is this called ‘Generation Gap’?

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  1. I can understand how you would have felt. Like a musician in one of those kalyana receptions.