Saturday, July 07, 2007

Travelog # 41 - Jog in the Park

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure doing my weekly run in the Central Park. I had been to Central Park many times, but this is the first time I got the opportunity to run and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Huge Reservoir in Central Park
Central Park is over 840 acres right in the middle of the concrete jungle.. It has enough running tracks to conduct a ultra marathon comfortably without run thru the same track twice. A huge reservoir right in the middle of central park..

Running track around reservoir..
With a beautiful running / jogging track a around the reservoir.. I did two laps and man that felt good..
A group of runners / natural living folks getting ready for a run
'Natural Living' a running community like Chennai Runners getting ready for their spin in central park

My route in Central..
This is the route I did in central park last Sunday. I started at south Central Park, but ended northwest of the park and ended up..

NYC Subway Station 169th Street
Taking subway back to my hotel.. the twenty dollar I took with me in the last minute came handy..

A short clip of the running track around the reservoir


  1. Cool snaps. Hear so much about Central park. Unfortunately no such place in Chennai
    Would Cubbon Park / Lalbagh in B'lore be a small version of central park

  2. There is also a really nice bike/jog path along the entire stretch of the west side of Manhattan along the Hudson river with beautiful views. Please check it out next time when you get a chance.

  3. Hari
    Central Park is simply great for Runners.. I truly enjoyed my two runs their..

    Its a shame that we don't have such amount of greenery in Chennai.. I dream of a day when we could a long run from Marina to Mahabs by ocean side..amidst of lush greenery..

    Bangalore Cubbon Park / Lalbagh.. have no idea how big they are.. but Central is 850 Acres and I guess Bangalore parks would be much / much smaller to Central park in comparison..