Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Travelog # 39 - A stroll in the park

A Stroll in the park.. Central Park, NYC that is..

Having missed our wedding anniversary and my son Raghav's birth day on June 30th, I did the next best thing.. walk around the central park. The weather was just perfect, it was sunny and wasn't too hot.

Central Park is a great place to hang out for people of all ages. I spent a few hours just walking around soaking in the Sun and the surroundings. Here are a few pictures from that..

Sun bathed lawns primed for people to bath.. run or just stroll..
Folks enjoying a sunny weekend..

Ladies are sunbathing.. but what about the man?
Ladies are sun bathing alright.. what is the gentleman doing? sketching them out?

Family Portrait..
Family & Kids Time..

Kids amusement center in Central Park
Kids amusement park right in Central Park

Running.. mid day in Central Park
Running.. in Central Park
Running.. boy can you run.. there miles and miles of undulating trails. We can run a full marathon without having to use the same track twice..

Rollerblading.. or more correctly inline skating in Central Park
Inline skating.. that used to be my passion before I returned to running. And that was because, I broke my leg in Bay Area and couldn't continue that in Chennai.

Horse & buggie ride in central park..
Buggy ride. they charge a bundle but the ride is kind of fun. We did that few years back as a family and enjoyed it.

Cycle Rickshaws in Central Park..
Can't find them in Chennai but Cycle Rickshaws available for rent in Central Park.

Muslims saying their prayer Central Park
Muslims quietly saying their prayer...

More pictures in flickr


  1. Best wishes to Raghav!

    Happy Wedding Anniversary Visu!

    Fantastic photos!

    The Best Travelog in the Web!! Chennailiving.blogspot.com!

  2. In the ladies sunbathing pictures... Leave the guy who was sketching them, what were YOU doing? :)

  3. Chill
    I was expecting this question.. I was 'enjoying' the scene and taking pictures..ONLY..

  4. Chill
    I was expecting this question.. I was 'enjoying' the scene and taking pictures..ONLY..