Tuesday, July 17, 2007

R2I # 15 - Is it worth bringing stuff back to India?

Here is question I got in my mail box for my earlier R2I post
Based on your experience, is it worth bringing any thing back to India. Last time I was home, I realized that everything that you want is available in India. The cell phones are far better in India than here. Of course there is a lot of things you need to know when you buy the service in India.

Yes, it is true that almost all household articles are freely available in India and one might choose to go for new stuff when settling back. But this approach will pinch the pocket heavily particularly when the R2I itself is an expensive proposition in terms of all other expenses. Also, from a familiarity perspective, I would suggest bring the stuff that is important to the family. It also makes economic sense as there is little or no customs duty for the most of the used household articles.

But while packing, pl. take in to consideration the fact that you might end up moving in to a substantially smaller quarter than the existing home in US. But then one might use this opportunity to donate some stuff to charity in India or in US.