Monday, July 16, 2007

30x30 - a Great ECR Run

Let me start with a confession.. It was neither 30 kms nor 30 runners.. We were about 27 folks and ran close 28 kms. But, it was undoubtedly one of the best runs ChennariRunners have run.

Though we started a little late, the weather god was kind to us enabling most of us complete the course, run, walk or crawl. Besides weather, two things really helped us - enthusiastic bunch of volunteers and sumptuous breakfast at the finish line.

Thanks to a whole bunch of people who made it possible, without the camaraderie and the exemplary team spirit shown by this crowd, this run wouldn't have been such a success. From water to reflective stickers to volunteers to first aid it was great show of team spirit. Kudos to the entire team that made all this possible.

Vidyuth leading us some simple stretches before the run

Getting Ready for the long run
Vidyuth, our resident coach taking us through some simple stretches before the run. After parking our vehicles at Shahid's place, we assembled just south of toll booth for this exercise and that was also our starting point as well.

Group Photo before the run
A group photo before we started. See the reflective stickers on the runners? It was a thoughtful idea by Ramesh Ponnuswami, a fellow runner. It was just INR 5 per person and was a great little safety widget given that we were starting when the Sun was yet to show up on Chennai shores.

Shumit across Muttukadu bridge
Shumit crossing the Muttukadu bridge. I was simply following Shumit for a long time.

Some ChennaiRunners trickling in to Coral Restaurant
Gadge, Shahid, Shumit & Sivaram inching to Coral Surf restaurant - which was also our finish line.

Stretching after the run
Sivram, Vidyuth & Shumit relaxing after the run. The restaurant guys gave us ice, cold water (and not beer), towels.. this greatly helped sooth aching muscles.

Kiruba, Suprathik, Rajesh & Sundar arriving at Coral Surf Restaurant
Kiruba, Suprathik, Rajesh & Sundar - This gang of four was last the last bunch to arrive but were a determined lot. They didn't yield to the temptation of share autos and reached the finish line all the way by foot... Great showing guys..

Group picture in Coral Surf Restaurant
A group snap at the finish line after a good breakfast at Coral Surf Restaurant.

ChennaiRunners heading back to the city
ChennaiRunners returning back to the City. Thanks to Shahid for making his van available for this trek back to the city. In fact the van reached the finish line much ahead of all of us.

KK - whose leadership made this run a reality. From volunteers to first aid kit to finish line to breakfast to coordination.. KK took time from his busy startup to do it all. Thanks KK for your leadership.. much appreciated.

More pictures in flickr

Update #1
Route map through Garmin

KK on ECR Run



  2. I recognize my cousin's father in the last picture at the second window to the left..

  3. Good Show. Smiling faces too!

    Next time, 60 X 60

    With 60 Penguins for us folks over 60

  4. Ram,

    Excellent! Well done! My heart felt wishes to all of you who did it. I have run 10K thrice a week regularly and always wanted to do a marathon. So great to see such awareness is on the rise in Chennai too. I knew you will be posting it and opened up your blog and you have not disappointed me. Your narrations and pictures fulfilled my marathon with spending a calorie. I think people like KK, Shahid deserve a big pat. Well done boys! Keep it up. I wish Chennai runners will be a torch bearer for running activity in Chennai and host a great marathon on the roads of Chennai and make it more popular. All the best to all of you. Hope to join you guys when I come to Chennai on Holidays.

  5. Is there any separate group for women in Chennai runners community? Many women also want to lose weight and get healthy.

  6. Venki
    There is only one group.. ALL are welcome..

  7. Ram,
    I was't sure if I offended chennairunners group by my previous comment. My apologies.

  8. a wonderful feat indeed by the Chennai Runners.
    wishing that one of the chennai runners make up for the olympic games soon.

  9. Congratulations to all those who did this 30 X 30 run.Kudos to the whole team and the supporters.Nice write up and nice pics...Would just like to know the camera model,cos the picture quality is awesome.

  10. Archana
    Thanks.. the run was great..

    The camera used - Canon IXY Digital - 6.0 mega pixel. It is compact and takes good photos.. have been very happy with it..