Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What's your Carbon Footprint?

Today is world environment day and the hot topic is that the place we call home is getting hotter by the day. All of us contribute to global warming to various degrees based on our consumption habits. Would you like to know about your carbon footprint and want to reduce it? Then go here.

I am as guilty as most of us in contributing to global warming, but off late, we have started to take baby steps towards reducing consumption and thus our footprint. Here are some of the things we do..
  1. Food - Cook only what we need.
  2. Coffee mug - I use a coffee mug at work instead of disposable paper cups
  3. Shaving - Use a mug instead of running water
  4. Drive - Drive a two wheeler to work instead of my car
  5. Car - Consciously bought a smaller car, controlling my itch to buy a gas guzzler.
  6. Walk - Walk to, wherever possible
  7. Plastic Bags - Reuse grocery store plastic bags as garbage bin liner as much as possible
  8. Recycle - Recycle whatever feasible. In fact it is easier in India than US. However, I am not sure if recycling really helps as studies have shown that it actually takes more energy to produce something useful out of the recycled goods.
I am sure I can do hundred other things to reduce our carbon emission but then haven't figured out yet and possibly doesn't have the will power.

Now, what about you? What's your carbon foot print? What are you doing to reduce it?


  1. The one additional thing that i do is to try and not mix plastic waste along with regular waste. We have accumulated enought plastic and dispose it off seperately if it cant be reused

    The other element is to keep sharing this message and letting people become more aware of this..

  2. Well, some I will try to follow:
    1) Food - Cook and eat only what is needed.

    2) Car - Use a bicycle more often for closer places, in summer.

    3) Plastic bags - Reuse