Thursday, June 21, 2007

Travelog # 37 - Snake Alley

Snake Alley in Taipei
I have heard of snake alley before, so I readily agreed to go there when my colleagues offered to take us there. I was thinking that place would be seedy and practically the other side of Taipei. But, but I was wrong.. the place was brightly lit with well organized row of shops and resembled like few other markets I have visited in this part of the world. But with a small twist.. though the specialty is here is snake delicacies. Read on..

Famous Snake Alley in Taipei
Crew checking it out in Snake Alley
Snake Alley? Where are the snakes? We had to look hard to find the restaurants serving snake stuff..

Which Snake would you like?
Which snake do you like? After some search, we found this shop selling snake food. There was demo of skinning a live snake and the store guy drank snake blood. I wanted to take some pictures but we were prohibited with a stern warning 'No Taking Pictures'.

A restaurant serving snake 'delicacies'
See the python besides the lady.. Is she promoting python food? not sure..

Foot Massage.. Near Taipei Snake Alley
Want to relax after snake food? Foot massage was available right next door..

If you were wondering what a vegetarian was doing in the snake alley.. I am there right with you.. I went to see something new. My Chinese colleagues had to search hard to find a restaurant that would serve something vegetarian. I just took their word for it and ate whatever was served as 'vegetarian'.. !!!


  1. Ram,

    Interesting. Why does it say night market in the first photo? Is it only open at night? If so, why?

  2. Nithya
    Good to hear from you.. long time no see.. Did you come to India in Jan / Feb?

    I don't know why it is called 'Night Market'.. will ask my Taipei colleagues..


  3. Ram,

    Yes, I was in India in Jan/Feb but had a lot going on and hence didn't contact you. Sorry about that. Three of my American friends traveled with me and so most of time was spent hosting them. Maybe next time.

  4. Goodness Gracious ! that was SOME food !!