Sunday, June 10, 2007

R2I # 13 - Negotiating Your Indian Salary

One of the challenging tasks in R2I is finding the right job and understanding the salary package you get. During negotiation, employers quote salary in terms of CTC which would be rather confusing. CTC stands for Cost To Company and that includes all kinds of benefits including employer contribution to Gratuity and 401k.

For folks coming back from US, this CTC business is bound to cause confusion. So, it is important to ask for the break up of CTC and understand clearly what will be your take home salary. This is also important to compare what you are making in US Vs what you will be making in India.

I came across this article, which explains the CTC business in detail and might be beneficial.

There is another aspect to this CTC business and that is tax liability. I will try to cover that tomorrow.

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