Sunday, April 29, 2007

America’s tragedy

America’s tragedy is the vague (or no) gun policy.. Well, America does have a policy and that is to have no gun control.

Hilton - Flags flying @ half mast Mourning the Virginia Tech Tragedy
Flags were flying at half mast in Anaheim, CA after the Virginia Tech tragedy. I took this picture near the convention center (last week) where I was attending a conference. As to be expected there is lot debate about thetragedy and even President Bush visited the campus and spoke eloquently about his shock and sadness. Yet, he shied away from talking about guns and gun control.

By some accounts, there are more guns stores than Gas (petrol) stations in America providing easy access to terrible destructive power. No doubt, Cho Seung-hui was mentally disturbed and such people exist in every society. But what made the difference was the ease with which he was able to acquire the guns. Had he not been able to acquire the guns so easily, he might have killed fewer people or perhaps none at all.

In US, Guns are routinely used in killings / suicides and involved in fatal accidents. Yet, politicians on either end of the spectrum shy away from effective debate on gun control. Even after the largest peacetime massacre at Virginia Tech, there were more discussions about campus security than about guns itself.

I for one like many immigrants have never understood why politicians consider guns as holy cow and don’t talk about it. This more so because, I admire the ability of the American society introspect several sensitive issues and discuss them threadbare. From abortion to race relations to Iraq war there seem to be no holy cows expect of course guns.

I believe it is high time America introspected on this as well and did something about it.


  1. It's all coming....I am sure. This is one great tragedy if not the Columbine or other incidents that occur every day!

    I am hearing a lot on the Radio about Gun Control etc. Election year coming up..and this is hot right now!

    Wondering what was happening to the travelog.

  2. Guns do not kill people, but the outlaws who use guns kill the says NRA and the ardent supporters of second amendment to the constitution which legalizes possesion of arms. Only 10% of the white Americans believe the need for outlawing gun possession, according to recent opinion polls; so this sacred cow will remain sacred cow for a long time; although McDonalds and other premium fast food organizations use sacred cow for hamburger to be enjoyed by the majority. What a contrasting definition of recreation habit and eating habit!


  3. Oh, here you go. It is my constitutionally guaranteed right.
    Look at us Americans, we issue drivers license to believers of sacred cow on the 2nd day they land
    here as consultants to do bad
    programming. Now, how come no one is up over arms with that ? They can kill tasty cow eating children, women and us who fought for 'freedom' overseas.
    Well, if you been to War and used
    these to save your ass, you wouldnt listen to these half bsked Veggie eaters.
    Now, you been living in a banana republic where politicians use the
    constituion to take away the common man's right. You live where the terrorists blow the leader of the country to pieces and them Veggie eating wimps elect the supporters
    of the dastardly act to the parliment.
    One last time, it is not the tool, it is the brain.

  4. I think the earlier comment is from someone like Cho Seung-hui. May be his father!

    So Hurry up. Please pass on the earlier comment to FBI or CIA, before another tragedy happens. Pass this on to all the country's national media so that they can make more money out of this news.

    Consultant... Bad programming... Yuck!
    While bad programming do not take lives, bad people like the anonymous earlier one will certainly, in the name of war on freedom. (Looks like another uniformed terrorist)

    Eh!! People who grant licenses are also to be blamed along with bad drivers.

    'Blow into pieces'. If not for these incidents, where else can the big time terrorists (Arms Smugglers in the US) make money from??? What will the media report?? How can the media report only one side?? THey also have to report the softer side of the suicide bombers, so that they can glue the Brainy people to their seats. Earn the brains sympathies...

    Please ignore the earlier commentors comments as it appears to be of a pretty disturbed person.

  5. Sometimes truth hurts..!