Friday, March 30, 2007

Mozhi - A Must Watch

Finally got to see Mozhi last night. We have been wanting to see this movie for a few weeks now but couldn't get tickets online, hence the decision to go in a weekday. I was mildly surprised to a full house even for the late show on a weekday but then that shows the popularity and the success of the movie even after 4-5 weeks.

Mozhi is a path breaking effort by director Radha Mohan and actor / producer Prakash Raj on several counts from the typical Tamil Cinemas:
  1. There are no fights or 'item numbers'
  2. Women are portrayed as equals and strong
  3. No vulgar / double meaning dialog that makes one cringe
  4. Simple story line handled with much finesse and told in a entertaining way.
Jyothika is the anchor for this movie and has been so, without saying a single word. Yes, she plays the role of deaf and mute person in this movie. She is strong and just wants to be treated like 'normal people'.

I understand this movie wouldn't hit the screens if not for Praksh Raj's timely intervention. He rescued the project by stepping in to become the producer when the original production team went belly up. I am glad Prakash Raj took on teh producer mantle and i sure hope he feels the same way too. Mozhi is doing well commercially and is bound to bounce him from earlier failures including the one he produced for his Guru K. Balachander.

The gap in production does show up in few places in Jyothika and Prakash Raj. Both of them appear in different hair styles at different parts of the movie and it show.. Also, I would have liked to see fewer songs but then, they aren't as abrupt and intrusive as other movies, so will ignore that..

Direction - A (For Radha Mohan's wonderful and clean story telling style)
Casting - A (For selecting the right person for the right character - except for Swarnamalya who appears to be kind of out of place in that movie)
Acting - A (with the best coming from Jyothika)
Music - B (VidyaSagar is good but was discordant and loud in some places)

Bottom Line - A (Must Watch with the family)


  1. I am not sure where the news of Prakash Raj being the second producer came from. As far as I have read, he was the producer from the selection of hero onwards. The film had a hard time coming out as PR was down financially due to the failure of Poi.

    Good film, but my choice for best actor in the film would be Prithviraj. He displays a wide range of actions with the utmost ease. But yes, Jothika is the well known name, and she has carried herself well in the film. But overacting at times...


  2. kk
    hmm.. thought heard that in 'Coffee with Anu' from Prakash Raj.. I may be wrong..

    I liked PrithiviRaj as well.. but couldn't connect to his Tamil..

  3. Hi Ram,

    Completely agree with you. Haven't watched a more simple movie in a long time. The jokes were genuinely laughable!

    - KK [who runs with you]

  4. Hi Ram,

    One of the best movies in the recent times. A simple and a genuine movie that made me laugh !!

    -KK [who runs with you]