Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What's wrong with that?

PK, one of my favorite blogger has posed a series of questions to our NRI brethren. He wonders why an average NRI always cribs about the problems of India while keeping mum about the ills of their adopted country. Aren't there problems in their new country ? Just to be sure, PK lists a few in US and Europe.

While I may not agree with the focus and the message of this post, I must applaud PK for gently provoking a well mannered debate over this which has attracted 125+ comments. (I wish I could get double digit comment for any of my post.. let alone three digits..).

The strength of a society lies in its inherent ability to retrospect, take criticisms do course corrections as needed and move ahead. Every society, country has its own laundry list of problems and challenges. That shouldn't preclude anyone from talking about issues as they fit.

PK: Just as you have views on the America's inner city neighborhoods and its war on terrorism, folks sitting on the other side also have their views on the stuff they have seen, experienced or heard in their country of origin. What's wrong with that?
  • What's wrong with an NRI complaining about rude and atrocious behavior of Chennai Autos, who seem to have scant respect for their clients and the law of the land. Is it not true?
  • What's wrong with an NRI complaining about the infrastructure woes of Chennai or India? Aren't they not true?
  • What's wrong with an NRI complaining about the corrupt political system of India? Isn't it the biggest bane of the Indian society today?
Why get defensive about these stuff? Why not have the strength to face it rather than sulk. India should face up to these issues and fix them and make it the best possible place for anyone to live and cherish anywhere in the world.

I don't see anything wrong with anyone pointing out any issues. It is up to the respective parties to evaluate and use as they see fit.