Friday, February 02, 2007

Turning to God?

Turning to God?

It is interesting to see an avowed atheist like Mr. Karunanidhi hosting massive felicitation functions for some of the prominent God man (and woman) who breathe and preach theism. The masterful spin doctor he is, Mr. Karunanidhi has his own skillful way of explaining all this. But, his very action of sharing the same platform with Sai Baba or Amma was unthinkable even a few months back. But then, such is the unpredictable ways of the two dominant Dravidian parties of Tamil Nadu.

Ms. Jayalalithaa (Amma), though heads the other major Dravidian party, has been open about her belief in God. In fact her party followers do all kinds of penance for the 'wellbeing' of their leader.

On the other hand, Mr. Karunanidhi has been steadfast in his atheist belief for a long time (50+ year !!!) and it is interesting to see him steering his party also from the bedrock of Dravidian party beliefs.

ps: Regardless of his motivation/s, I applaud Mr. Karunanidhi for having the 'courage' to thank the service work done by the organizations headed by Sai Baba and Amma.


  1. Well, old age brings with it its own fears. He must be wanting others at least, to pray for his wellbeing.


  2. Karunidhi means Treasure of Kindness and forebearance. Could it be he is living by his name. Great Opportunistic Devotion!


  3. உங்கள் நாத்திக எண்ணங்களை மறந்து
    உங்கள் பகுத்தறிவை துறந்து
    வேலிகளை எல்லாம் உடைத்து
    அம்மா, பாபா விடம் மண்டியிட
    கஜானா காலியோ?

  4. Kajan
    Could be.. but even 'no God' is a belief in something isn't it?

    It must have taken lot courage and conviction to share platform with God men..

    Thanks for your kavidhai..
    'Gajana' empty..? no one will know till the power changes hand..