Sunday, February 04, 2007

Travelog # 27 - A Communist Welcome

Starbucks welcomes you to Beijing
What is the first thing you see as you get out Customs in Beijing Airport? Starbucks. Yes, The Communist capital welcomes you with a Capitalist symbol. (Look closer and you will see the Starbucks sign. I wanted to take another picture, but a stern looking officer asked me to put down my camera.)
Welcome to Communism today.. Will anyone tell this to the Communists in India? Its time they woke up and smelt the coffee.

ps: Back in Beijing, after a longgggggggg flight from Chicago. Its around 40F and pretty hazy. more later..


  1. You are traveling to lots of countries... may be for communists with a trillion dollar kitty is USD, will have to give more warm welcome to US passport holders, eventually and hence the spendthrift things that comes along, KFC/BK/Max/SB.

    I am not sure still they honor the lunch siesta.

    What kinda job you do Sir?


  2. Vijay
    Interesting you talk about 'lunch siesta'.. I did see something like that.. I understand it is allowed and tolerated..

    I am in software.. the usual stuff..