Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Power of Blog and the Good side of Our Kind

I am moved beyond words as I do this post.

When I first read this post about a week back, I felt sorry for the kid and moved on. It was nameless / faceless story which didn't affect me much. But as I followed tragic this story at Kiruba's blog, the human and the emotional angle unraveled and that brought me to tears. Not just because of this tragic accident, but also because of the outpouring of generosity by people who may have never known or met the victim.

We all tend to get cynical about the humankind as we see the greed, cruelty and violence we unleash on ourselves and other kinds. But once in a while these kinds things happen and puts proper perspective on things. Several things showed the good side of our kind in this episode..
  1. First Kiruba starts of with a regular post and seeing the comments, he harnesses the power of blog to reach out and solicit help. He also launches a wiki to keep the story alive. He has been at it like a trooper...
  2. People from all walks of life, most of whom who may have never known the victim reach out to help the family which is dire need of assistance.
  3. Students from a different school drum up support and collect funds.
Man.. this made my day in the midst of heartbreaking news about the deadly arson in a moving train and the likes. Hats off to Kiruba for this crusade and my salutes to countless others who have pitched in.. God Bless


  1. Kiruba's efforts tell us one moral, that is; how ordinary people can do extraordinary things in life. Wow!


  2. incredible.. i had bookmarked kiruba's site to follow-up on this.


    btw: iam blogrolling your blog as well. to visit often.. you too feel free to drop by and link me to your blogroll

  3. oh my goodness.