Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking Ahead - 2007

Yesterday, I looked back, now allow me to look ahead, albeit narrowly, only through 2007.

World: Iraq will continue to unravel
Iraq situation will go from bad to worse and will continue to embroil US. This will become a hot presidential election issue in US and the course correction will happen only after a new President comes on board.

World: Iran will go nuclear (or very close to it)
Iran will take firm steps to becoming nuclear, much to the chagrin of US, Israel and its allies. India's position on this issue will become an contentious issue in the domestic politics with the Left parties raising the imperialist bogey.

World: Internet will spread even further
Web will continue to proliferate and connect people, communities & countries as never before. In India, broad band will get entrenched and will continue become cheaper (already, it is one of the cheapest in the world). However, some Governments (like China, Saudi Arabia) will continue to curtail and censor access to information.

India: Kashmir issue will remain unsolved
India and Pakistan will continue to do everything but solve the core issue. More precious lives will continue to be lost in the name of Kashmir.

India: Mobile Revolution Phase-II
Mobile Phones will become cheaper and will spread to towns and villages. Mobile technology may have been invented elsewhere, but 'missed call' and 'free incoming calls' will continue to fuel unprecedented growth.

India: Year of Retail revolution
If 2006 was the year of mobile phones, 2007 will be remembered for organized Retail sector explosion. Reliance, Bharti / Walmart and Big Bazzar will change the landscape for ever. Chennai got its first Big Bazzar last week and Reliance is all set to open outlets in the first quarter.

Chennai: More Multiplexes & Malls
More Cinema multiplexes and malls will open 2007 and will change the movie going and shopping experience even further. I have been keenly waiting for INOX to open near my place, but that has been delayed to Tamil Nadu Government's interference in the ticket pricing. But, this issue will be sorted out and multiplexes will bloom this year.

Chennai:Roads will continue to be choked
Chennaites will have more two wheelers and four wheelers making the roads impassable. Any remaining side walks will vanish and will be taken over by squatters and /or vehicles. Being a pedestrian on busy roads will become a perilous venture.

Chennai: Rajani - Kamal will fight it out
Much awaited Rajani, Kamal movies (Sivaji & Dasavatharam) will fight it out in the box office, but only one will hit the jackpot. I am going with Sivaji.. How about you?