Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Go Bucks

Go Bucks
OSU Buckeyes had a perfect season this year
Jim Tressel's OSU Buckeyes had a perfect 12:0 season this year and are headed to Phoenix for the National Championship game against # 2 Florida. Last time I rooted for my alma mater OSU, they won against arch rival Wolverines, I hope they do this time as well and make the season even more perfect 13:0.


  1. Ram, I'll root for the Buckeyes as well. Ohio State is doing good in basketball as well this year. Good time to be a Buckeye fan.

    I'll root for Ohio State all the time except when they play Louisville :-)

  2. Ram,
    Waiting for Jan 8th.

    Go Gators!!!

    Oh by the way, Why do you have the fiesta bowl logo there? This year, the BCS championship is different from the Fiesta Bowl.

  3. Nithya

    Yes, OSU is doing well this year.. and it is a relief to see them this way.. They hit the rock bottom when I was there..


    Yes.. I am waiting for 1/8 too.. to see Buckeyes win..

    I thought Fiesta bowl is now BCS.. is there a two different ones ?

  4. Hi Ram,
    Rather than having 4 main bowls and one of which doubling up as a National Champ. game, This year there are 5. The 4 old BCS games and one other National Championship game. This year, the championship is in Arizona where the fiesta bowl was held. Fiest bowl this year was the best game I have seen in a long long time. Last year's chapionship was nothing compared to this.