Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fauja Singh - My Flying Sikh

Many refer to Milka singh as the flying sikh, but after hearing from Rajesh Vetcha about Fauja Singh, I see him as the flying sikh..

Fauja Singh took up to marathon when he was 89 years young and since then has been running at least 2 marathons a year. He moved to UK in 1992 after the demise of his wife and started to run just to pass time.

But soon running became his calling and that changed his life and many across the world. Adidas has picked him for a major advertising campaign and and Mr. Singh routinely for various causes gathering several thousand dollars for charity.

Mr. Singh would like to enter Guinnes book of records as the oldest man to run a marathon. This means he has to run a marathon when he is 98. May God bestow him with the best of health and fulfill his ambition.
Fauja Singh - He is my flying Sikh
Now, listening to Rajesh Vetcha passionately talk about Fauja Singh and later digging through the net has been a truly inspirational for me. How about you?

Ironically, I am doing this post from Apollo Hospital while waiting on my mother. She is having all kinds of medical problems at 65+ which require constant medical care. I attribute some of ailments she is having to poor or no maintenance in her early active years. So, my friends, pay due attention to maintaining your body and prevent avoidable complications later.

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