Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Garmin 205 - Cool Toy

Shahid introduced to me to this and I now have the itch. Garmin 205 is neat little toy that has lots of cool stuff that runners would like.

I particularly like GPS functionality and the ability to upload it to a Google Map plug-in (Please take a look at our last week run and you will better appreciate what I am talking about). It even has a cool animation feature that gives blow by blow account of the run and gives all kinds of statistics.

I am really really tempted to yield to my itch and get a Garmin 305. What say you?


  1. Ram,

    Does this have a heart rate and what's the cost?

  2. Ram,

    I did not realize the price have come down drastically on this product. 305 is available for $256 in amazon,


  3. Hi Ram,

    Something off topic, but related to gadgets.
    I remember your post about the need for having one device for charging all your handhelds etc. If you have not already read about it.. Here it is..

    The device is called wildcharge, seems cool and affordable too...

    It was introduced in the CES in vegas.

    Just wanted to share...

  4. Shiloh
    Thanks for the link.. will check it out..

  5. Shahid

    Yes.. I saw it too... I am going to look for it in Columbus tomorrow..

  6. Can someone let me know how to buy it in India???

  7. Harsh
    Not sure how you would get in India.. Try Amazon.com and see if they would ship it to India..