Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Singapore Marathon - Some Photos

Though Hari & Ramki helped, I am still in the doghouse with retrieving lost pictures and short movie clips. while I try to get out of the doghouse, here are some pictures from marathon photos.

SG Marathon at the starting line..
Over 10,000 full marathon participants all pumped to go. It was amazing to see such a overwhelming participation in a country of just 3 million people.

Amos Tirop Matui of Kenya who came first @ 2:14:59
What's with Kenyans? I don't know how they run @ 20 kms an hour for 2 hours at a stretch. Here is Amos Tirop Matui of Kenya who came first @ 2:14:59, a record for Singapore Marathon. He clocked 23:39 @ 7.6 km, 1:06:43 @ 21K, 1:27:04 @ 27.38k and 2:14:59 @ 42.195)

Ram Viswanathan stil going after 5:00 + hours.. albeit very slowly..
And here is yours truly racing to the finish line as the 2667th. My official timing was 5:14:53 at the finish line. I clocked 47:02 @ 7.6km, 2:26:41 @ 21.0km, 3:20:03 @ 27.38km and 5:14:53 @ 42.195)