Monday, November 06, 2006

Vasantha Kala Kuttrangal

Vasantha Kala Kutrrangal
Vasantha Kala Kuttrangal by Sujatha - Visa Publications, INR 52

This book must have been written in early 80s and it shows in the narration. The characters don’t use any of the latest technology and rely on what is now considered as the dinosaur age stuff..

As usual, Sujatha’s story telling style is superb and it masks the weakness in the storyline which is very loosely weaved together and unravels fast and quite unexpectedly. Initially, the storyline seem to be dragging but ends rather abruptly.

Read if you have time to kill

Rating: B-


  1. Is it a Ganesh /Vasant adventure? Must find it.
    Explanation for ratings please , for the uninitiated.

  2. Usha

    No it is not a Ganesh / Vasanth story.. but a story weaved around in Bangalore..

    Ratings.. my arbitrary stuff..
    Like the college grades..
    A+ means good.. F means Fail..

    So, B- is passe..