Thursday, November 02, 2006

SunTV to Become Pay Channel ?

If this story is true, then SunTV will become a pay channel from Dec 2, 06. This move is quite intriguing as this will block them out of the majority households in the all important Chennai market, which is the only market where the CAS is force.

Unless of course, SunTV has the inside scoop and knows CAS will be gone from the Chennai market by then.


  1. Visu - I don't get it...I think the Cable operators will charge 15 bucks more from each house..isn't it?

    Sorry..I don't understand how the CAS works?

  2. Whoa......even after being the undisputed dinosaur of Tamil Satellite television, it looks like the people on Mount Road will not let an oppurtunity to make a fast buck slip by!

    Insanely ridiculous, considering the fact that its customer base is increasingly getting frustrated with political innuendos that stealthily envelope each program it broadcasts. Its not that I will not pay for it because I cant afford 12 bucks or I believe that all things should come free. I simply will not pay for it because its wringing its customer base with the massive clout it has developed over the last decade. That sucks.

  3. PS: Ahhh.....So now we know what the free Colour TVs were for....

    Free Colour TVs--->Cable connection--->SCV---->????


  4. Ram...SUN TV had announced this last month itself. But they have said that they will remain FREE in Tamil Nadu.They will be committing suicide if they make SUN TV a pay channel in TN.

    BTW, most channels are agreeing to the Rs 5 subsciption charge for CAS, as recommended by TRAI. Means we pay lesser per month and are not burdened by the "bouquet" concept. (TRAI has prohibited this as well). Cheers !!

  5. Ram,

    Just like Narayanan I do not know what is CAS and how it works. Here in UK we just need to pay for the dish every year which gets us Sun TV, KTV and blah blah... It will be nice if you could explain the system that prevails in chennai now.

  6. Narayanan / Balaji

    CAS is nothing but the Set Top Box.. In US.. if you want pay channels.. like say HBO you need to have a decoder.. Set Top Box is like that..

    My question was, Chennai is the only city that has CAS / Set Top Box System and majority (75%) don't have it.. We have just the basic cable and pay INR 100. Now, if SunTV goes pay Channel.. then majority of Chennai will not see it.. btw, Chennai is the most important market for Sun Network..

    So, I was wondering, what SunTV is upto and if Chennai is also getting rid of CAS stuff.. but Arvind clarified..

    SunTV will be free in TN / Chennai and will be a pay channels in other states.. that kind of makes sense..

    Thanks for the clarification.. that explains..

    the jongleur
    Thanks for the visit..

  7. Looks like it is indeed going to be a pay channel in TN too ... But it remains a myth if Sun TV will be given to Chennai makkal or not ... From what I gather they would going by the fact that their viewership is at stake , but we do not know what Sun TV had in mind before making this move .. Whatever be it , he is going to make plenty of profits ...

    For more info on CAS , visit the foll link