Monday, November 13, 2006

Open Source Java

With the change of CEO, Sun finally relented and made Java open source ...

So, what does it mean to the consumers / developers and Microsoft?

Not because of Java is Open Source now, but it will give impetus to making Java
  1. More ubiquitous (Its already in 3.8 billion devices now..)
  2. More developers (from 4 million to ????)
  3. Microsoft will double up to have a open source play of their own, notwithstanding their partnership with Novell.
Open Source movement is profoundly changing the software industry landscape and only time will tell its impact on MISO companines. (Microsoft, IBM, SAP & Oracle). Open Source movement hasn't hit the corporate data centers in a big way yet, but that is bound to happen in the next 5+ years.

My take is Open source and software as service will change the way software is developed, implemented and consumed. This is will have significant impact on large Indian SI companies like Infosys, Wipro & TCS etc.,

What's your take?


  1. SAP already has made friendship with Java :)....they are good ol' buddies now

  2. Open Source needs to be encouraged.

    In many a situation there is no necessary for buying out on proprietary software when you can very well do work on free software.

    It is high time companies realised the threat posed by open source stuff.