Thursday, November 30, 2006

Now... Recommendation For What?

Now.. Recommendation for what..?

For all kinds of things.. even for a train ticket.. Welcome to Babugiri..

I was having lunch in a Hotel / Restaurant in Patterson Road (Near Anna Salai), when a tired looking man came plunged in to a vacant chair in my table (This is an accepted practice in Chennai). Though, this gentleman (let's call him Muthu) looked haggard, he was cheerful and friendly. With a sense of accomplishment, he took out an official looking document and sought my assistance in reading it.

My eyes popped as I read the brief but a pointed letter. It was a recommendation letter from GK Vasan, a Congress Party leader (a federal minister) to get a train ticket confirmed. Muthu had spent all of morning in the Congress Party office to get this recommendation letter for his boss. Now, after a hurried lunch, he will trek to the Central Station to get the ticket officially confirmed and take it to his boss.

At end of all this odyssey, this gentleman would have spent an entire day working the system to get a Chennai - Trichy train ticket for his boss.

I know the BabuGiri / power of politicians runs deep, but this was a new low and thus an interesting but sad revelation for me.