Friday, November 17, 2006

If I Did It

Some incidents never die and OJ Simpson saga seems to be one of them. After more than decade of the sensational murder case that had the entire country in rapt attention, OJ is back now with a book called If I did it.

OJ saga continues to spring surprise even after a decade. Boat loads of print & TV time has been wasted on this matter. Several careers were made and broken because of the OJ trial, which was first televised court proceedings followed by millions across the country. Even though, OJ was acquitted of the murder charges, many still believe that he committed the brutal murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her boy friend Ron Goldman.

OJ has now come out with a book called If I did it, in which he supposedly describes in vivid detail, how he would have done it.. Now, OJ, How low can you go? Also, Mr. Publisher why are you bringing out filth like this apart from greed?

I hope this book fails miserably at the book stands and OJ and the publisher gain nothing out of this despicable act. In fact, it would be nice if they lose their shirts over this book. (it may be that OJ has nothing to lose after having declared insolvency.)

Now, Mr. OJ, If you did it, then you deserve to be punished.... but then, you know you can't be tried again.. and that's the reason you are taunting the government with catch me if you can..

Update # 1 - Thanks Anonymous .. corrected loose to lose