Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cut And Run

That's what US electorate is expected to do in the crucial congressional elections next week. They are expected to vote out Republicans and send a clear message to President Bush. I hope US does so decisively.

President Bush over promised and grossly under delivered on Iraq. In 2004, US rallied around the flag and its President voted over overwhelmingly Republican and re-elected Mr. Bush. But, now the patience is running thin with the steady stream of body bags coming back from Iraq. The violence in Iraq is spiraling out of control with no end in sight.

While US electorate may be justified in showing the door to Republicans, but US should not cut and run away from Iraq. There is already shrill noises demanding exit from Iraq, but that would be graver mistake than invading Iraq in the first place.

Now that US is in Iraq, it must find a way to subside violence and instill some sense of governance. Any premature exit would plunge Iraq in to a civil war, which neighboring countries like Iran and Syria are likely to aide and abet.

The options may be limited for US, but it must stay engaged in Iraq for now and make it work. Sorry.. there are no easy options at this stage for President Bush.

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