Monday, October 23, 2006

Sign Of Growth

Some say, you can measure the success of a company by the # of law suits it attracts and the # of attorneys it employ.

On both fronts, Google is blazing the trail. Its attorney population has grown 100 fold from a mere 1 in 2001 to 100+ 2006. Similar statistics are not available on the law suit front, but suffice to say it is several times more than what it was 5 years back.

From its YouTube video to search engine algorithm to Google Books, everything that Google does now attracts litigation. Why is that? Is it because they are pushing the envelope with everyone one of its product? Or, is it because Google is a cash cow now?

Who needs to change / alter its behavior? Is it Google or the archaic rules / laws?


  1. Ram,
    Probably you have read the recent NYT article on this topic

    Well, my take is that Google will change its policy. It is simply the laws of economics. People who produce content has the right to determine who and how the content will be used. If Google wants to drive ad revenue to YouTube that hosts bootlegged content, then Google has to share its revenue with the content creators. It is not the question of who posted the content, but who created it. The liability is still with Google for allowing bootlegged content hosted in their website. Google recognized that already making changes. Recently, GOogle(Youtube) removed 30,000 clips from their Japan site. As Youtube becomes part of mainstream value chain driving profits, its content will be closely scrutinized.


  2. Chandra
    Yes.. I did read the article in NY times.

    Google's stock price is at all time high now.. It will be interesting as how Google keeps up with innovation on one front and keep the 'law suits' at bay..

  3. Raman
    Youtube is an amazingly simple yet wonderful innovation.. Google will certainly invite lawsuits.. but I am glad it is taking them head-on to define lot of stuff in the unchartered territory..