Monday, October 09, 2006

Lost A Reader

I lost one of the ardent readers of my blog. He has been following my blog from its early days and used to read my blog everyday. He also has no qualms in giving me 'no holds' barred review from my English to the content.

He walked up to me yesterday and said he has stopped visiting my blog because I have not been posting regularly.

I am kind of disappointed to loose his readership, but it is also a clear signal for me to get my act together on the blogging front.

Now wonder who that 'ardent reader' is? That is my son, Raghav....


  1. Hey Ram,

    I'm sure your son would be back to reading your blogs. I read your blog everyday, sometimes when you dont update, that's when I check the archives

  2. aaaawwww that is sweet, my son read one of my posts a few weeks ago and remarked that the writing was good (surprisingly) but since then I don't think he has bothered to revisit. Maybe he was just being polite after all :)

  3. Ram,

    I do read your blog almost everyday and I do find it interesting and I look forward to read it. Oflate your blog has not being updated daily and was wondering if you were OK since you even update during your travel.

    Thanks for taking time to post relevent Blogs.

    Columbus Rao

  4. Visu,
    Raghav is right!.. If you remember, in your earlier days of blogging, I am the one who said not to take this blogging as another job for yourself so you get to spend more time with your family. But now you have created an expectation into many of your readers. So you have to keep up now. Though I don't post a lot of comments, I do visit your blog regularly.

    - Laks Sankaran.

  5. Hari / WA / Raman / Rao / Laks
    Thanks for the patronage... I look forward to posting regularly..

    Thanks for the feedback.. taking it as a compliment..