Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google Office?

Not yet.. but almost..

Google has finally revealed the new avatar of Writely, It is now Google Docs. With this, Google now has online spread sheet and word processing. Agreed these online tools does not have everything Microsoft Excel and Word has but is it all necessary? Majority of the MS Office users don't use the fancy bells and whistles anyway.

It is completely possible that, we would only need a browser enabled device and a solid broadband connectivity in the not too distant future for all of our information needs. What's say you?


  1. hmmmm.... do you think I would put all my documents on google servers and hope for an internet connection wherever I go. I honestly believe desktop ain't dead yet.

  2. I look forward to the day when I do not have to carry my Lap Top and I can access all my personal files in the Web with good security just like a locker in a bank where you keep all jewelry and valuable documents.

    One of these days it will happen, will I enjoy it, probably not. Perhaps either Microsoft or Google or someone who invents a web locker (combination) will bring that revolution in the WWW.

  3. raman,
    if u don't carry a laptop how will u get to the files on the weblocker ? :-0)

  4. Anonymous..

    Well privacy is a big issue.. but I heard similiar issues with Credit Card use over the web.. it has now been sorted out..

    Yes.. more and more our life is now part of the etherware..