Saturday, September 09, 2006

Why Blog?

That's the question I asked around and in the BlogCamp today and the responses are varied and interesting:

Why Blog?
"Creative Outlet"
"As a diary"
"As a communication avenue"
"Time Pass"
"Have nothing better to do"
"Form of self expression"

How many times do you Blog?
"Once in a fortnight"?
"Once a day"?

How many hours to you spend in Blog related activities?
"One hour a day"
"Three hours a week"
"Three hours a day"


  1. If possible, you might also want to ask how effective/useful has blogging been or rather how did it help in their personal/professional life.

    BTW, you seem to be a globe trotter. Thanks for the travel log.

    Warm Regards,
    Nag .B

  2. Blog is a medium of publication hereto before was not accessible to common man. Any one who has access to computer and internet can publish anything they want that will appease their emotion, motivation, knowledge, and skill.

    Blog takes away the exclusiveness that news papers, magazines, tv and radio broadcasts enjoyed.

    Definition given by various Blog camp participants fits the above, I suppose.

  3. GigaOm has a very good coverage.
    I blog to connect with my family & friends.
    What about you?

  4. Why Blog:
    I feel it is a form of engaging/conversing with the world around you - not necessarily those who are physically close to you, but those who are on the same frequency/share similar interests.

  5. The presentation you made with Kiruba about podcasting at BlogCamp was interesting and very informative. maybe I will start podcasting one day...

    I was there just for a day.. so can't take this one..

    Are Blogs a threat to MSM? Several folks in the meeting thought otherwise.. But I believe there is big transformation going and it will have profound implications on news created, delivered and consumed..

    I blog as a way to express and connect with folks across the world..

    yes.. I agree

    Thanks.. it was an impromptu one.. but glad you got something out of it..