Thursday, September 14, 2006

When IT Rains..

It has been literally raining incessantly here in Harrisburg and Atlanta.. but then my post is not about that..

Yesterday (9/13) was one of those days where small things kept going wrong continuously.. and it happened when I had a long day with short leeway..

The vagaries of yesterday reminded me of this குறள், though not directly applicable..
பீலிபெய் சாகாடும் அச்சிறும் அப்பண்டஞ்
சால மிகுத்துப் பெயின் (475)
Even the gentle peacock's plume
Cart's axle breaks by gross volume. (475)
Many things went wrong leaving me tired and exasperated..
  1. My flights got delayed repeatedly in Kansas City & Atlanta due to 'weather' conditions at destination.
  2. Got stuck in the beautiful Atlanta freeways for couple of hour due to 'rain related' accidents
  3. Couldn't pickup my rental car due to late arrival in to Harrisburg (0200 AM in the morning)
  4. Lost my mobile phone in the Taxi
  5. Thrown out of my room in Harrisburg due to fire alarm in the middle of the night (0400 AM)
  6. Locked myself out of the room due to 'fire alarm' panic which took extra 30 minutes to get back.
So when I finally hit the sack, I was wondering what else was going to fall apart..

But guess what, several things went wonderfully right and it just that I wasn't seeing them as stress and grumpiness where building up making small things look BIG..
  1. Yes, I did get stuck in the Atlanta freeways but wasn't part of those freak accidents and those could happen to anyone anytime.
  2. Yes, I couldn't pickup the rental car in Harrisburg, but I wasn't really fit to drive anyway and would have made 'more' mistakes.
  3. Yes, I lost my mobile phone in the Taxi, but the Taxi driver went out of his way to find me and return it to me, which really made my day and prompted me to do this post....
So, in all its all 'small stuff' and what really mattered was the way I looked at them. I better start putting in to practice what I learnt from Richard Carlson who says.. Don't Sweat the Small stuff and its all small stuff. Having said that, I also realize that its not one shot deal and have to keep it to change myself..

Your Stories please..


  1. Hmm..Glad to see that you are doing fine Visu. Nice job by the Taxi driver. Proves that good people are still around.!

    When are you heading back to homeland?

  2. Ha,a bad case of Murphy's Law, eh ?

    here's something I came across on Murphy's Law, that might bring a smile :

    "If I traveled to the end of the rainbow
    As Dame Fortune did intend,
    Murphy would be there to tell me
    The pot’s at the other end."

  3. "*hit happens" it is better that way.
    Relax darlin, I will be right over.

    That was the reply one of my lovely
    puerto rican girl friend said after
    listening to me yap for 15 mins on the
    Fone about my trials and tribulations
    flying from San Diego to Atlanta.

    What a Nite it was! Gin & Tonic to
    let me loosenup and Salsa on the floor..

    There is GOD..

    Norma darlin, thank you, Wherever U are

    Ram, thank you for kindling sweet memories..

  4. I am reminded of a story whose moral is what ever happens is for your own good. Here it is if you have the patience to read ----

    There was once a king who accidently cut his finger. His minister told him that what ever happens it is good for you. The king was furious and put the minister in the jail.

    Later, the king went out for hunting and was seperated from his hunting group. He was captured by tribesmen and they wanted to sacrifice the king as a part of their ritual. As they were preparing to sacrifice the king, he head tribesman saw that the king had a cut his finger and hence was not eligible for the sacrifice and let the king go.

    The king came back to the castle and went to the minister to let him know of the events of the day and was sorry for putting the minister in jail. The minister again said that what ever has happened is for the good. The king asked him to explain. The minister said that had not the king put him in jail, he would have accompanied the king for hunting. The tribesmen would have sacrified the minister as he did not have any cuts. He thanked the king for putting him in jail and thus saving his life.

    So - What ever happens it is for your good.

    Columbus Rao

  5. Narayanan
    Thanks.. I am doing good now.. but 9/13 was rough.. I am back in Chennai now..

    Definietly.. Murphys law in full force..

    you are welcome.. focusing on the 'positive' things would have definitely reduced my 'stress level' that day..

    Exit from the real world
    *hit happens.. as did on 9/13.. but I am thru it now.. like Rao says. whatever happened is for good..

    Yes.. I have seen this one before..