Thursday, September 07, 2006

VandeMataram: National Song of Contention?

It's a pity that in its centenary year, the soul stirring VandeMataram has been mired in political controversy.

Some Muslims refuse to sing the song saying it goes against the tenets of Islam, even some Sikhs have dissented. Is singing Vandemataram a must for every Indian? What if some don't want sing? Why all this fuss? Where is the line between religion and nationhood? Is there one at all? I am groping in the dark on this one.. What's your take?

I am glad, AR Rahman has not been dragged in to this controversy.... yet....


  1. In my humble opinion that the 'song'
    is Obsolete. Today's india is much differnt than 50 years back.
    Indians don't need to sing a song to demonstrate love and patriotism. Love can be demonstrated by sharing the wealth, keeping fellow Indians in minds while doing whatever you do.

    Again, I feel 'patriotism' is totally
    bogus. The term has been hijacked long ago by selfish politicians, product
    marketing vultures and the media.
    If you want to be patriotic do something that benefits all Indians.

    India and the Indians should and must discuss these issues, even argue about it. I can never understand why the 'fear' ? After all, didn't Gandhi say 'Truth shall Win' ? If the Country
    disintegrates because of people stop singing a 'song' then may be it is better it does. Then people may think
    hard in building a New and better Nation.

    Indian citizens are not cattles to just follow what was said as 'GOOD' years
    back. It is healthy to Question Authority' I am glad this 'mini revolution' is televised.

    I hope this changes the way 21st century Indians think and act to move
    the Country forward.

  2. Raman
    The song that was uniting India is now being used to divide India.. and there is no closure on this yet..

    I agree with you that Indians should be open and be able to retrospect deeply.. But in a country where there is so many 'holy cows'.. lines that cannot be crossed it becomes a challenge..

    My Q to you.. When, how and why does 'VandeMataram' becomes obsolete? What about 'jana Gana Mana'.... Where do we draw the line?