Sunday, September 24, 2006

Running Aid: Polar S120

I got myself a new toy: Polar S120 heart rate monitor. This comes highly recommended for long distance runners over 40.
Polar SD120
I picked this one up from Academy in Dallas for USD 80. I have used it few times, but yet to get the settings right. Wish the manual and the monitor was more user friendly.

Have a question: When used it today, my heart rate consistently hovered around 165 - 170 and in some cases touched 175. Is it OK to run at close to 100% of my max heart rate (as suggested by 220 - age ?).


  1. Visu,

    You should visit WebMD for any initial guidance on self monitoring of health. Athletic resting heart rate hovers around 65-75 and when you are doing aerobic exercise such as running, it may go upto 145 for your age group. Anything above that, if the reading of your new toy is reliable, you should visit with a doctor right away as such unusual high heart rate may damage the heart muscles.

    Take care.

  2. No. The purpose of using a heart rate monitor is to not run at a rate faster than 70 - 80 % of your maximum heart rate. So if you want the heart rate monitor to be productive, you must slow down a lot more than you usually run so that your heart rate is at 75% of your max heart rate..while this may be painfully slow, it is the best form of aerobic training you can ever get.

  3. Ram,

    I agree with Raman and Arbit regarding the percentage of use. I do not think it is OK to run at close to 100%. Earlier after consulting a doctor, who does not believe any electronic gadgets, I took my body signals, like gasping and unable to talk while jogging as a measure to reduce the speed.

  4. Raman / Arbit / Balaji

    Thanks.. I am taking this to heart and will consult a 'sports' pronto..