Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's happening this weekend.. Finally

Bangalore Marathon Publicity
Bangalore Marathon is happening finally.. after several mis-starts. They have had kind of late start to the gate.. hope the event goes off smoothly.
I will be missing this one.. but some of the ChennaiRunners will be there.. Good Luck Guys..

A call to action to my friends in Bangalore.. Go out participate / encourage.. do what you like.. but be part of it..
(via Shumit)


  1. At last Bangalore will be hosting the marathon on September 17. They are giving only 1 week for participants to register or registration began earlier.

    Let us hope you can participate in this event next year as you always look forward to participation.

    I hope your trip to US is successful.

  2. Raman
    Yes.. I was looking forward to it.. will see next year..

  3. Got it done Ram finally....4 hours 45 min.

  4. Shumit

    Congratulations.. Good Show..