Friday, September 01, 2006

Does This Really Work?

Government of India has a for its citizens to lodge their grievance here... The site lists twenty departments that are covered under it purview including Railways and Postal. All this is great.. BUT does it really work?

Any first hand and known experience with this grievance redress process?


  1. It seems the Grievance site is perhaps for public servants with respect to labor relations, retirement benefit, etc. It is interesting that GOI is entering the digital World and let us hope people with access to internet and computer will use it for redressing their grievances.

    How effective this attempt by GOI through digital highway has to be seen and heard?

    I recently sent a complaint to the Commissioner of Chennai Corporation to address some issue and I want to see if the Commissioner at all gets to see such a complaint for redressal.

  2. Raman

    I don't have first hand experience with this site..

    but it is interesting that there is a online mechanism available..