Friday, September 01, 2006

Chennai Girl in Forbes' Most Powerful Women List

Indira Nooyi
Our own Chennai Girl, Indira Nooyi is the most powerful business woman and is the fourth powerful woman in the world, according to Forbes List.

Now, will Sunita Narain of CSE make the list next year?

Rank Name Occupation Country
1 Angela Merkel Chancellor Germany
2 Condoleezza Rice Secretary of State US
3 Wu Yi Vice Premier China
4 Indra Nooyi Chief Executive-Designate, PepsiCo US
5 Anne Mulcahy Chairman and Chief Executive, Xerox US
6 Sallie Krawcheck Chief Financial Officer, Citigroup US
7 Patricia Woertz Chief Executive, Archer Daniels Midland US
8 Anne Lauvergeon Chairman, Areva France
9 Brenda Barnes Chairman and Chief Executive, Sara Lee US
10 Zoe Cruz Co-President, Morgan Stanley US
11 Irene Rosenfeld Chief Executive, Kraft Foods US
12 Melinda Gates Co-Founder, Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation US
13 Sonia Gandhi President, National Congress Party India
14 Oprah Winfrey Chairman, Harpo US
15 Anne Sweeney Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks US
16 Mary Sammons Chief Executive, President, Rite Aid US
17 Michelle Bachelet President Chile
18 Hillary Rodham Clinton Senator, New York US
19 Ann Livermore Executive Vice President, Hewlett-Packard US
20 Helen Clark Prime Minister New Zealand
21 Safra Catz President and Chief Financial Officer, Oracle US
22 Margaret Whitman Chief Executive, President, eBay US
23 Julie Gerberding Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention US
24 Susan Arnold Vice Chairman, Beauty & Health, Procter & Gamble US
25 Patricia Russo Chairman and Chief Executive, Lucent Technologies US

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  1. Why is Pamela Anderson not in the list?

    Seriously, I don't believe in the numerous lists that comes up from time to time. We don't have any idea on what parameters these are calculated...I reckon pure gimmick...

  2. Balaji

    Good Question.. we don't know the parameters.. but go by 'Forbes' reputation..

  3. isnt sonia president of INC and Sarad Pawar president of NCP?

  4. Ok..I will go by it...Still I don't think someone can come up with an Index to decide Who is the most influencial person and all...Do you think for a moment that Indira Nooyi can stop the war in Iraq by her talks..if she can do it...I have to retract my statement..otherwise I strongly beleive these are all gimmicks.

  5. Ada-paavi

    you are right.. INC and not NCP....

    I would take this for what it's worth.. These lists 'invented' by someone to 'rate' based on some criteria.. like state first / best actor / best whatever... Forbes has a reputation and that's what carries weight for 'ratings' like this..

    Thanks for the criteria...