Sunday, August 20, 2006

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

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Saw Kabhi Alvida Na Kehana (KANK) in Sathyam Cinemas yesterday. Ticket purchase was a snap through online, no crowded line, no ‘no change’ problem.. I was even able to order my popcorn online have it delivered to our seat. Overall, Sathyam Cinemas has done a wonderful job in making the movie going experience pleasant, Now if they could just make their parking and accessibility little bit more easier.. then it will be all more fun..

OK, Now over to KANK

KANK is not your run-of-the-mill Bolloywood movie. Unlike other movies were the the portrayal is black & white, there is no bad guy in this movie and all main characters have some flaw and it’s the grey area that makes the story different in this one. Karan Johar has stepped out of his ‘feel good’ movie genre and has addressed a sensitive subject like marriage and infidelity.

Dev (Shah Rukh Khan) and Maya (Rani Mukherjee) falling love with each other as their own marriages were falling apart. What unravels after they tell their spouses may be disconcerting to some viewers, but that’s probably one of the reasons why the movie is based out of NYC and not in India.

The real stars of the movie were dialogue & music. I am not very good in Hindi, even with that handicap, enjoyed the dialogues. Niranjan Iyengar’s dialogues were crisp, direct (yet diplomatic) and forceful. I particularly enjoyed Amitabh’s speech where he talks about ‘waqt’ is ‘abhi’. “If you love some one go tell them now about your love.. just hold their hands are give them a hug. If you have hurt someone, go say sorry now.. as there is nothing more important in life than love and be loved.”.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy music is one of the clear strengths of the movie. The score is a perfect mix of western and Indian tunes. All songs are situational and furthers the movie with my favorite one being ‘Mitwaa’.

But, I did find the movie lengthy, stretching past over 3 hours. Also, lots of NYC scenes were kind of repetitive in nature. Particularly, couple of shots taken at the railway station seems to have been taken in the same schedule with the same props.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable and worth the watch..

Direction B+ for good story telling
Acting B+ for being the character
Music A for the melodious tunes by Shankar-Ehasaan-Loy
Dialogue A for crisp, direct & forceful script
Art & Location B for repetitive scenes..

Overall B+ for an enjoyable / thought provoking movie

Bottom Line Watch it

ps: I had a double header movie outing this weekend. I also saw Adam Sandler’s Click, but it is just passé and doesn’t qualify for a post.


  1. Candyfloss Emotions. This is KJo's attempt to give an impression that he wants to make movies with no "Archie" College Settings or crappy "Indian culture" sentiments.

    Well, what still remains true is that this chickflick is as superfluous it gets and goes further in demonstrating that the house of "Karan Chopra Johar Barjatyas" are totally incapable of producing anything more intelligent than the "Kabhi Humaaare Tumaaare Koun Hain Dil Sanam Mohabbat Na Kehna" movies.

    Its time KJo confirms the obvious and gets married to SRK and "settles" down with Sindoor on his Ma Huang. As for Gauri, well lucky many "modern" women can have such a great chance to escape !!!

  2. One of the very few reviews that is even making me consider watching this movie. But since most of the reviews are making this one look bad (agonizing), I am going to stay away from this one.

  3. Neither did KANK deserve a post according to me! :)