Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tokyo Travel Notes # 3

The Singapore Pit Stop

I had long layover on my trip back to Chennai, So decided to venture out in to city to shop and also to meet Kaps.

We decided to meet up, where else ? At Serangoon Road aka Little India. We had our lunch at Anjappar, just off of the Serangoon Road and had a good chat about lot of things from blogs to West Mambalam to Savy Shopping in Singapore.

Kaps introduced me to Naranjan Traders, which is very to close to Mustafa yet cheaper. Here how it works, check out the item you want to buy at Mustafa (mobile phone only ?) and walk over to Naranjan to buy it. But Please note, its all cash only transaction with no possibility of GST refund.
Ferrar Park MRT
Farrer Park MRT, this where you want to get down to reach Mustafa. Singapore MRT is very convenient and simple. Took me about 45 minutes to get to Little India from Changi Airport.
Mustafa Center
The famous Mustafa Center. It is now open 24 hours and Kaps tells me that Mustafa is the largest retail store in Singapore (in terms of revenue ?)

Komalas introducing Chindian..!!!
Komalas with an array of new dishes called Chindian.. Do they offer these in Chennai ?

Here is small clip I took in the Little India vicinity..