Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tokyo Travel Notes # 1

New Toy

I wanted to get a new digital camera on my way back in Singapore, but went to Akihabara , which is the place for electronic stuff in Tokyo. I was like a kid in the candy store, couldn't resist the itch and yielded to it. My colleague and I bought the Canon IXY 800 IS (sold as SD700 outside Japan) were able to get volume discount.

IXY Digital 800S

IXY Digitial 800 IS

Few more snaps in flickr

I can now take short video clips and post them. Here comes my first clip


  1. Ram, how much did the camera cost (in Indian rupees)?

    Too lazy to convert yen into Rs :)

  2. Visu,

    Fantastic.!! Love the video.!
    Like I said the other day..Yours is now the Hottest Blog in Town.!!

    Like KRibs asked how much was it?