Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tips For Marathon Runners

I got these links from a wellness forum and found it useful.. I hope you do to..

Tips for Marathon Runners

Your first marathon (Part I)

Your first marathon (Part II)


  1. Pretty amazing how the body can be taught to endure such an ordeal. Somewhere in the tips it says, the body needs to be taught to use fat to compenstate for the reduced glycogen; no wonder that fat never goes away.

    Here is the actual process and looks like the only way to stop doing too much of step 6, is to atleast walk faster than we normally do.

    1. Plants make starch and cellulose through the photosynthesis processes.
    2. Animals and human in turn eat plant materials and products.
    3. Digestion is a process of hydrolysis where the starch is broken ultimately into the various monosaccharides.
    4. A major product is of course glucose which can be used immediately for metabolism to make energy.
    5. The glucose that is not used immediately is converted in the liver and muscles into glycogen for storage by the process of glycogenesis.
    6. Any glucose in excess of the needs for energy and storage as glycogen is converted to fat.

    Source :

  2. Prem
    Marathon is definitely a physical ordeal.. but it is equally a mental game as well..

    Thanks for the tips..