Friday, July 28, 2006

Sujatha Talks About Blogswara

In his latest installment of Katradhum Petradhum in Vikatan


Thennavan & I met Sujatha last month to give him the first album produced by the Blogswara team with absolutely no ask. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see him talk about Blogswara in his Kadrathum Petradhum today.

Congratulations Blogswara team....
Article on Blogswara
Courtesy: Vikatan.Com


  1. Thanks Visu/Thennavan for meeting with Sujatha and giving the album.
    Thanks to JO for the co-ordination.

    I read the piece ( couldn't from your blog though - fonts issue).

    It is heartwarming to see Sujatha mention about Blogswara.

  2. Ram,

    Can you please try unicode for this? We are not able to read.

    I too read that and i have my own views on the way he'd mentioned about blogswara...

  3. Narayanan & PK

    Hmm.. I did a cut and paste and it obvisously not working right.. (shows up OK in my maachine..)

    How do I convert the 'copy' stuff to unicode..? Any tips?

    Also, what do you think of his views on Blogswara on Vikatan?

  4. PK,

    Yeah, I also thought thought about it, the way he has written.

    But I thought It was ok...For Sujatha to mention about Blogswara ..I would take it as a Pat on the back.

  5. Hi Ram,

    i'm trying to fnd out. Will let you know if i come across something..

    For now, if its not much of a hassle can you tae a screenshot of the content and post it as image?

  6. Narayanan
    It is definitely 'kudos' from Sujatha.. and the entire team should be proud of that.. What he is talking about in terms bandwidth and editing goes with the medium.. so no offense there..

    I did the screenshot thing.. thanks for the idea..

  7. Ram, thanks for the update to our visit and am pleasantly surprised that he mentioned us, although I do agree to a few points raised by PK in his take on the issue. We did tell Sujatha that the manner in which the idea of Blogswara works will not necessarily be the way of the future since more than anything, with the movie industry it is still a "clubby" thing with personal favors and relationships mattering more than any real quality.

    I would be more than happy if Blogswara even finds a footnote when the history of Indian blogging is written (or for that matter even International blogging since I don't know of an equivalent venture in the entire blogosphere) and to that extent, the credit should go to the entire creative team of Blogswara, with a special mention to Jo for piecing it all together. Good show team!

  8. Ram & Mukund,

    From what I understand, Sujatha is trying to say that in this intiative the internet has been used more as communication tool and not as a virtual studio.

  9. Thennavan
    Blogswara is definitely a great attempt and with more things to come.. it will only get better.. You guys have shown what can be done with the new medium.. and thus taken it to the next level..
    Kudos to the entire team..

    Agreed.. He also talks about 'gate keeping / sifting'.. which he feeks the music directors do..

  10. Great work Ram! Congratulations to each and every one who worked hard for forming Blogswara. I take the comments of Sujatha in a positive way though more has been mentioned about the way music composing is done today. Kudos to the entire Blogswara.

  11. Here are a few other things, which are worth mentioning. All most all the songs were composed for pre-written lyrics and the quality of the lyrics were far better than any film songs. His gripe on the quality of the songs, should be accepted as part of his experience as a listener, rather than as a critic. In a way it is really hard to match the quality of the mainstream songs from a technical aspect. Apart from a good composition and orchestration, the quality of a song is also dependent on the hardware/software used. Mainstream music directors have access to the best equipment and technicians and they also have the budget and resource to get whatever they need and last but not the least, it is their chosen field and they are really good. I think the best way to beat that would be to provide a different style of music rather than try and match with the mainstream style.