Thursday, July 20, 2006

Good News?

May be..

Bloggers are not out of the woods yet but there are enough indications in the media that the bloggers may be back in business in a couple of days.

This whole strange episode seems to be a case of ISPs jumping 5000ft when they were asked to jump only 5 inches. According to The Hindu, Government of India asked the ISPs to block 2 blogspot blog without giving any explanation and the ISPs applied it to the entire domain.
"I have seen the Government order. Only two webblogs — and — have been blocked," Gulshan Rai, head of cyber security agency Computer Emergency Response Team, told AFP.
Also, IBNLive reports that the block will be lifted soon..

But there's some good news too. Blogs may be accessible again in a few days.

"Instructions will be given out soon and things will start looking up," Singhal said.

I hear check is in the mail.. I will wait for it before I rejoice. I hope it comes soon.. very soon


  1. Ram, can I say "I told u so...." :-0)

  2. Karthik..

    Yes.. you were skeptical right from the start of this unssavory episoide..

    But, Govt. of India still owed an explanation which hasn't come out officially yet..

    This episode has been handled in a ham-handed fashion..