Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dr. Ramadoss Will you ensure..

That NLC staff also doesn't get paid for their strike period ?

Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss has been categorical in refusing to pay AIIMS doctors when they struck work during the recent anti-reservation agitation. He consistently took the stand that the policy of 'no work no pay' will be strictly enforced. (I think there is even a case in the Supreme Court on this..)
On the strike by the AIIMS doctors, Dr. Ramadoss said they would not be given any salary for the time they struck work but there would be no other action
Now, Dr. Ramadoss, will you ensure that the same yardstick is applied to NLC staff who stuck work protesting the 10% dis-investment proposal of Government of India?


  1. Hello Visu..! Where are you? YOu think this will happen in TN?

    Ooruku oru Nyayam.....!! nnu oru pazhamozhi irukku theriyumah??
    Andha kadhai dhaan.!

  2. The logic will be if the strike succeeded then the striking employees will be paid for the strike days. Now u decide....

  3. Ram, this is a brilliant point,but then, such double standards are so much a part of politics, that nobody even bothers to ask such questions that you have raised.

  4. Ram,
    NLC employees struck work on behalf of themselves. They are affected party. The doctors struck work for something unconnected to them. tomorrow they may strike because Ganguly was not included in the team?

  5. Narayanan

    I hear you.. wishful thinking.. but still wishing..

    yes.. I get the point..

    I sure hope it gets heard..

    Dr. Ramadoss's yardstick is 'no work.. no pay'.. regardless of the motiviatio n or the reason..