Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blogger Files RTI

With no credible information coming from the Government of India on the blog block even after 5 day, a Sonepet blogger has filed a Right To Information (RTI) application wanting to know why some sites are blocked. The main questions in the application are:
  • Has there been a directive issued by the government to blocks certain domains?
  • Why has this blanket block come into force?
  • When will the block cease to exist?
  • What form of redress does an Indian citizen have to ensure that these websites are no longer blocked?
I hope the RTI stuff really works. It should shed some light on this half-baked initiative by the Government.


  1. Mr.Raman,

    If India is a country of Laws - Why is there so much Lawlessness? Just Kidding.!

    Too many laws - But the implementors break it and escape..from any convictions..That's the problem.

    In this case - Its foolish reaction by the Govt. I hope they wake up and realize that they lost their brains!

  2. Raman & Narayanan

    Yes.. there are laws for lot of things in India and they are being applied selectively..

    This entire episode was handled in ham-handed fashion and now has come to pass..