Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blogger Files RTI

With no credible information coming from the Government of India on the blog block even after 5 day, a Sonepet blogger has filed a Right To Information (RTI) application wanting to know why some sites are blocked. The main questions in the application are:
  • Has there been a directive issued by the government to blocks certain domains?
  • Why has this blanket block come into force?
  • When will the block cease to exist?
  • What form of redress does an Indian citizen have to ensure that these websites are no longer blocked?
I hope the RTI stuff really works. It should shed some light on this half-baked initiative by the Government.


  1. India is a country of laws and RTI should help to address the situation. Many politicians out of their anxiety to shut public opinion resort to high handed public policy. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

  2. Mr.Raman,

    If India is a country of Laws - Why is there so much Lawlessness? Just Kidding.!

    Too many laws - But the implementors break it and escape..from any convictions..That's the problem.

    In this case - Its foolish reaction by the Govt. I hope they wake up and realize that they lost their brains!

  3. Raman & Narayanan

    Yes.. there are laws for lot of things in India and they are being applied selectively..

    This entire episode was handled in ham-handed fashion and now has come to pass..