Monday, June 26, 2006

Giving It All Away

Warren E. Buffet is giving it all away, to Charities

Warren E. Buffet is known for his legendry investment skills and his Berkshire Hathaway. He made is billions by his ability to invest wisely and in the process became one of the richest individuals in the world worth over USD 40 billion. Now he is giving it all away.

Warren Buffet plans to give away 85% of personal wealth (over USD 37.1 billion) to charities with a sizeable chunk of about USD 31 billion going to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Even in this, he stands apart because, he didn't give it all to the charity bearing his name but to Gates Foundation in which Mr. Buffet will join as a trustee.

This singular contribution more than doubles Gates Foundation assets. It granted over USD 1.06 billion last year and now they can do even more to the Global health and education with over USD 70 billion assets.

Mr. Buffet, I salute you for this BIG generosity which is quite unparalleled in the world...


  1. superb Link Ram,

    salutes to Buffet!!!

  2. PK & Raman

    W Buffet created wealth and now he is giving it all (most ot it anyway) away..
    Great guy..

  3. Here's my tribute and analysis

    Great human beings worthy of emulation.

  4. Karthik / Mufasa

    Thanks for the visit..