Friday, May 19, 2006

Ganesh & Vasanth Back Now With Sylvia

Sujatha's Ganesh is Vasanth is back now with Sylvia.
Courtesy: Ananda Vikatan (5/21/06)
Ganesh & Vasanth duo is one of the most famous characters created by Sujatha. But, they were in hiding till now and I am glad to see them back in action.

In this new series in Ananda Vikatan, Sujatha has started to weave the story around a BPO company. Interestingly, Ganesh & Vasanth are asked to fix Sylvia (daughter of a BPO Billionaire) who seems to be afflicted with bipolar disorder. I am not sure where Sujatha is headed with this one. But Ganesh & Vasanth in the past have solved mostly murder cases. This one seems to be different..

One of the things I like about Sujatha's writing is that it is never stale. Whether it is screen play, Q&A, novels or Katradhum Petradhum. His breadth and depth of knowledge and his delivery style are simply put AMAZING.

I am not sure if Vasanth will finally tell the 'Mexico Salavaikari' joke.. but looking forward to it..


  1. Wow..Wow...thanks Visu.!! waiting to read it.!!

    Hmm Bipolar in Sujatha's novel hmm..go with the tide I guess.!!!

    Mexican salavaikkari joke.!!! Wait..Wait..maybe another 100 years :)

  2. Narayanan

    You are right.... I will have to contend just with the 'teasers' as for as the 'Mexico Salavaikari' joke goes..

  3. I think Sujatha's speciality lies in underscoring the most important thing .
    My own version of sujatha's swriting ..:)

    "Raam murukkai santhoshamaai saappitaan.saapittu vittu uRanghinaan-kadaisi muRaiyaaga"

  4. Mumbai Ramki

    Welcome to my blog..

    Yes.. his style stands out.. Also, he effectively uses his broad knowlwedge base in his stories to give us heady cocktail..

  5. And now, that great Sujatha is not with us anymore...
    Deep condolences to his family and all the readers who miss him now.

  6. can any one of u say where is this sylvia novel available i wanna collect or atlest read all ganesh vasanth novels . can any one of u help me out.

  7. hello sir, actually i read this story, when it was published in AV. that sylvia girl named herself after the poet Sylvia Plath, right??
    so, when the story ends, Ganesh would tell vasanth one of the poem of sylvia plath,i would really be glad if u could tell me those poem,(if u happen to have this episode)

  8. do u have any digital version of this book??

  9. Yashwant

    I do not know if this book is available in the ebook form.. also no idea about the poem