Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ABCs of Airport Call Letters

Ever wonder why Chicago airport call letter is ORD or for that matter Columbus, Ohio airport call letter is CMH? I thought ORD stands for O'Hare Regional District.. But that is not the case.. Of course, I could never figure out what CMH stood for until now..

I looked around to understand why Chennai airport identification code is MAA, but couldn't find any.. Do you know?

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  1. Good Question ...No answers...I've sent it a friend of mine..a TRIVIA king...Let's see what he says.

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  3. Narayanan

    I guess its kind of arbitrary.. How else do you explain YYZ for Toranto..!!!

    CMH - Columbus Municipal Hanger
    ORD - from ORcharD field

  4. could it be that they wanted to allot MAD, but that was taken by Madrid. They might have settled for MAA.

  5. Kaps

    That is possible.. MAdrAs => MAA

    Interestingly, the first time I was returning from US, the agent in Columbus sent my bags to MAD instead of MAA and it took me a week to get my baggage.. (Chennai used to be called Madras then..)